Education in Poland


The Chilling Winter of Freedom: Martial Law in Poland 1981-1983

The period from December 1981 to July 1983 in Poland, known as „Stan Wojenny” or martial law, stands as a dark and pivotal chapter in the nation’s history.

Solidarność: The Movement that Changed the Course of History

In the annals of the 20th century, few movements have had as profound an impact as Poland’s Solidarność.

Polish Strikes from the Communist Period

The history of strikes in the Polish People’s Republic (PRL) is a narrative of persistent resistance against the communist regime by the working class.

The Labyrinths Below: Delving Deep into Poland’s Ancient Underground Worlds

Poland, a nation steeped in history and blessed with diverse landscapes, is a treasure trove of subterranean wonders.

Poland in the World Wars: An In-depth Chronicle of Heroism and Endurance

Poland’s narrative during the tumultuous years of the World Wars is a poignant tale of resilience, sacrifice, and an unwavering spirit. 

Poland’s Scientific Milestones: A Journey Through Time

Poland, a nation steeped in history and culture, has also been a cradle of scientific innovation and discovery.

Bolesławiec Pottery: A Timeless Tradition

Bolesławiec pottery, also known as Polish pottery, is a distinctive form of fine pottery and stoneware originating from the town of Bolesławiec in south-western Poland. 

The Evolution of Polish Pottery and Ceramics

Polish pottery and ceramics have a rich history that spans centuries, reflecting the nation’s cultural, artistic, and historical evolution.

Poland’s Agricultural Heritage: From Fields to Festivals

Poland’s agricultural sector has been a cornerstone of its economy and culture for centuries

Poland’s Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Leading the Green Revolution

Poland, historically reliant on coal and other non-renewable energy sources, has been making significant strides in recent years to transition towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. 

Spirituality and Religion in Poland

Poland, with its intricate tapestry of history, culture, and traditions, stands as a testament to the profound influence of spirituality and religion.

Renowned Polish Literature: A Deeper Dive

Polish literature boasts a rich tapestry of narratives, styles, and themes that have evolved over centuries.

Polish Cinema: A Retrospective

The history of cinema in Poland is rich and spans almost as long as the history of cinematography itself. 

The Evolution of Polish Music

Polish music, with its rich tapestry of sounds and influences, has evolved significantly over the centuries.

The Polish Education System: Structure and Objectives

Poland’s education system is a well-structured and comprehensive system that aims to provide quality education to all its citizens.

The Impact of Education on Polish Culture: The Role of Schools & Universities

Education has always been a cornerstone of any society, and Poland is no exception. The Polish education system has undergone significant transformations over the years

The Evolution of Education in Poland: From Parish Schools to Universities

The education system in Poland has a rich and diverse history that spans centuries, reflecting the country’s cultural evolution and its people’s enduring pursuit of knowledge.

Job Market: How Education Shapes the Professional Future of Poles

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the professional future of individuals, and in Poland, this is no exception.

Artistic Education in Poland: Music, Art & Drama Schools

Artistic education in Poland is a vibrant and dynamic field, with a variety of institutions offering specialized training in music, art, and drama

Nation’s Digital Innovations

Poland, a country steeped in history and tradition, is carving out a new identity for itself on the global stage. This time, it’s not about the past, but the future. The country is making significant strides in the tech industr

Polish Time Machine – A Unique Board Card Game!

We are thrilled to announce the creation of an exciting and educational board card game called „Polish Time Machine.” With 30 beautifully illustrated cards, each depicting a significant historical event, this game is designed to challenge and enhance your knowledge of Polish history.

Opening of the Cultural Club

We’re excited to announce the opening of our new online Cultural Club, dedicated to exploring and celebrating the rich and fascinating culture of Poland. This club is the brainchild of Kateryna Romanenko.

Interactive Tool for Studying Polish History is Coming Soon!

Attention all history enthusiasts and learners! We have some thrilling news to share with you. Kateryna Romanenko is currently working on an extraordinary interactive tool designed to revolutionize the way we study the captivating history of Poland. Get ready to dive into the past like never before!

Polish kings and their dynasties

Four Prominent Dynasties

The Vasa Dynasty

The Jagiellon Dynasty

The Anjou Dynasty

The Piast Dynasty