Polish Cartoon

Polish animation has a long and proud history dating back to the early 20th century. One of the first animated films produced in Poland was „The Locomotive” (1913) by Władysław Starewicz, a pioneering stop-motion animator who is considered one of the fathers of the medium.

In the years that followed, Polish animators continued to push the boundaries of the art form, creating a rich and diverse body of work that ranged from political satire to children’s entertainment. Here are some of the oldest and most beloved national (traditional) Polish cartoons

Bolek i Lolek – Bolek and Lolek

In each episode, the boys act out scenes inspired by the book or the movie they watched, wanting to play the role of the hero of the song they have learned. In some episodes they are accompanied by a small white dog.

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Polish animated series about the adventures of a small dog of the same name. Reksio meets new friends, such as other animals and people. In each episode, Reksio experiences new adventures and solves various problems, always with a smile on his face and with great courage. The fairy tale is intended for the youngest viewers and teaches them, among other things, about friendship, responsibility, respect for animals and nature

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Miś Uszatek – Teddy bear Uszatek

„Miś Uszatek” is a Polish animated television series, broadcast in the years 1975-1987, about the adventures of a teddy bear of the same name, who lives in the forest and has many friends, such as a hare, a piglet, bunnies and others. In each episode, the hero experiences new adventures and learns important values, such as friendship, respect for others and the natural environment. „Miś Uszatek” is one of the most popular Polish series for children

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Dziwne przygody Koziołka Matołka – The Strange Adventures of Koziołek Matołek

Animated series about the adventures of Koziołek Matołek – a nice and slightly roguish goat who sets out on a journey around Poland. The hero meets many different characters on his way and experiences various adventures with them, often getting into trouble. However, thanks to his ingenuity and cleverness, he manages to overcome the difficulties and return home with new experiences.

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Zaczarowany ołówek – Magic pencil 

Polish animated cartoon series for children produced in Studio Małej Form Filmowych Se-ma-for in the years 1964-1977, about the adventures of a boy named Piotrek and a dog called Pimpek, who are helped by a magic pencil in solving various problems. Everything they draw with it materializes.

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