Chorzów is a city located in the Silesian Voivodeship in southern Poland. It is part of the metropolitan area known as the Upper Silesian Industrial Region, which is one of the most densely populated and industrialized areas in Poland.

Chorzów has a rich history that dates back to the 13th century, when it was founded as a small village. It later grew into a larger town, and in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it became an important center of heavy industry, with coal mining and steel production being the main economic activities.

Today, Chorzów is a modern city with a population of around 110,000 people. It has a well-developed infrastructure and is home to many cultural and educational institutions, including the Silesian Museum, which is one of the largest museums in Poland.

Silesian Park

Is a vast park with beautiful alleys, ponds, various plants and animals. Here you can walk, relax, or enjoy sports or entertainment attractions. Silesian Park is bigger than Central Park in NY

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Museum „Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów”

The „Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów” Museum is an open-air museum presenting the traditional culture and lifestyle of people from Upper Silesia through reconstructed historical buildings and organized cultural events.

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Silesia Stadium

Is one of the most important sports arenas in Poland, known for its architecture and history. You can see many significant sports and cultural events here.

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Silesian Zoological Garden

A popular tourist attraction in Chorzów, offering the opportunity to see over 200 species of animals from around the world, including those threatened with extinction.

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Legendia Silesian Amusement Park

Park offers many attractions, such as carousels, roller coasters, a rope park, slides, food outlets and souvenir shops. The oldest amusement park in Poland, opened in 1959 under the name Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko.

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Entertainment Theatre

Teatr Rozrywki in Chorzów was founded in the late 1970s as Music-Hall, and then transformed into Teatr Rozrywki. Its seat is the historic building of the former Graf Reden Hotel, which housed the German Theater before World War II

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Silesian Planetarium

the largest and oldest planetarium and astronomical observatory in Poland. It was founded on December 4, 1955 in the then Provincial Park of Culture and Recreation (now also called the Silesian Park) located in Chorzów.

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Shaft President, Sztygarka Complex

Is a part of the hotel and gastronomic complex called „Sztygarka”, which was created on the site of a former coal mine dating back to the 18th century. The tower was built in 1933, and its concrete construction is unique, resembling a one-armed tower and illuminating beautifully at night. The complex also features a retro-style cafe, a multi-functional hall for events, and a gallery housed in the former fire station of the mine.

Rose Park

Rose Park in Chorzów is one of the most popular leisure places in the city. It consists of two parts: a rose garden and a freely shaped southern part with the Mały and Duży Leopold ponds. In 1997, the ponds were reclaimed, and now they are a paradise for anglers and birds, as well as an aesthetic element of the park’s landscape.

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Elka cableway in Chorzów

The „Elka” ropeway is a year-round ropeway operating in the Silesian Park in Chorzów, operated by the Provincial Park of Culture and Recreation. Opened in 1967, it was the longest and only lowland cable car in Europe, but closed in 2007 due to poor technical condition, however in 2013 one section of the route was modernized and reopened.

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