Enchanted in a Jar: Polish Preserves and Jams with Traditional Recipes

Polish culinary traditions have long embraced the art of preserving fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients in jars, creating a delightful array of preserves and jams. These enchanting delicacies capture the vibrant flavors of the seasons and allow Poles to enjoy the taste of summer even during the coldest winter months. Let’s explore the world of Polish preserves and jams, where time-honored recipes and natural ingredients come together to create delectable treats.

1. Dżem Malinowy (Raspberry Jam):

Raspberry jam is a beloved classic in Polish households. Made from plump and juicy raspberries, this jam is bursting with the natural sweetness and tartness of the fruit. Raspberry jam is a staple on breakfast tables, often spread generously on bread, rolls, or warm, freshly baked pączki (Polish donuts).

2. Kiszone Ogórki (Pickled Cucumbers):

Kiszone ogórki, or pickled cucumbers, are an essential part of Polish cuisine. Prepared with cucumbers, dill, garlic, and spices, these tangy and crunchy pickles are enjoyed as a refreshing side dish or a snack. Kiszone ogórki are also a vital component of traditional Polish dinners, accompanying hearty dishes like kotlet schabowy (breaded pork cutlet).

3. Powidła (Plum Butter):

Powidła, also known as plum butter, is a luscious spread made from cooked plums. The plums are slowly simmered until they turn into a smooth and velvety puree, naturally sweetened with sugar or honey. Powidła is a cherished filling for traditional Polish pierogi and naleśniki (crepes), and it can also be enjoyed as a topping for bread or pancakes.

4. Marynowane Grzyby (Marinated Mushrooms):

Marynowane grzyby, or marinated mushrooms, are a delectable appetizer that captures the earthy flavors of mushrooms. Prepared with forest mushrooms, garlic, vinegar, and aromatic spices, these marinated delights are packed with rich umami notes. Marynowane grzyby are a popular addition to antipasto platters and are enjoyed with a slice of hearty Polish bread.

5. Kompot z Owoców (Fruit Compote):

Kompot z owoców, or fruit compote, is a refreshing beverage made from a variety of fruits simmered in water with sugar and spices. This traditional drink is a favorite during summer, as it provides a delightful way to preserve the flavors of fresh fruits. Kompot z owoców is served chilled and is a wonderful option for staying hydrated on warm days.

6. Śliwki w Czekoladzie (Plums in Chocolate):

Śliwki w czekoladzie are a delightful sweet treat made by dipping plums in melted chocolate. The combination of juicy plums and rich chocolate creates a delectable contrast of flavors. These chocolate-covered plums are a popular gift during festive occasions and are enjoyed as a special indulgence.


Polish preserves and jams offer a delightful taste of tradition, preserving the vibrant flavors of fruits and vegetables in jars to be enjoyed year-round. From the fruity sweetness of raspberry jam to the tangy crunch of pickled cucumbers, these enchanting delicacies add a touch of magic to Polish cuisine. With time-honored recipes and natural ingredients, Polish preserves and jams continue to be a cherished part of the culinary heritage, delighting taste buds and evoking fond memories of homemade goodness.