Kwiat Jabłoni: Blends Traditional and Contemporary Music

Kwiat Jabłoni is a Polish music band from Warsaw that has been captivating the hearts of Poles and music lovers all over the world with their unique blend of folk, pop, indie folk, bluegrass, indie pop, and electronic music. The band’s name comes from the song „Kwiat Jabłoni” by the group Trash Buddha, which is about the popular brand of cheap fruit wine called jabol. Kwiat Jabłoni was officially formed in March 2018 by siblings Katarzyna Sienkiewicz and Jacek Sienkiewicz, the children of famous Polish rock music performer Kuba Sienkiewicz.

Prior to Kwiat Jabłoni, the siblings performed as a duo in the group Hollow Quartet, where they released the well-received album „Chodź ze mną” and appeared on the TV talent show „Must Be the Music.” In August 2018, their debut song „Dziś późno pójdę spać” recorded two million views on YouTube, and by February 2019, it had received nearly five million views. Their second single, „Niemożliwe,” was released in October 2018.

In February 2019, Kwiat Jabłoni released their debut studio album „Niemożliwe,” which reached number 7 on the OLiS sales charts within the first week. Their songs have also been included in the charts Lista Przebojów Programu Trzeciego and Radio Warszawa, among others.

The band’s popularity continued to rise when, in March 2019, they ranked 3rd in the second edition of the Sanki 2019 poll for the most interesting new faces of the Polish music scene organized by „Gazeta Wyborcza.” In July of the same year, they performed on a small stage at Pol’and’Rock Festival, where their concert was listened to by several thousand people. The performance at the festival resulted in the November 29, 2019 release of the album „Live Pol’and’Rock Festival 2019” with the recording of their concert.

In June 2020, Kwiat Jabłoni won the Złoty Bączek plebiscite, guaranteeing their participation in the online edition of Pol’and’Rock Festival at the turn of July and August 2020. In November of the same year, they released the single „Mogło być nic,” which gained over a million views on YouTube in just one week. This song promoted their second studio album of the same name, which was released on February 5, 2021.

The band’s unique blend of traditional and contemporary music has earned them many fans and accolades. They participated in the promotional campaign „Wszystko mi mówi” by Tymbark in August 2021, recording a music video along with Sanah, Vito Bambino, and Artur Rojek, where they sang their version of the song „Wszystko mi mówi, że mnie ktoś pokochał” by Skaldowie.

In March 2022, they released a joint single with Sanah titled „Szary świat.” In the same year, together with Bedoes and Krzysztof Zalewski, they formed the supergroup Męskie Granie Orkiestra 2022, as part of which they recorded the single „Jest tylko teraz.”

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